Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Oral Care Routine

     Today, I went to a dentist for a regular dental checkup. According to my dentist, my oral health was great. :)

      I've often changed oral care items in the past years. These days, I have been using SoniCare FlexCare electronic toothbrush, Reach toothbrush, Listerine Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss, Lion Clinica Advantage Compact Toothbrush and Crest mouthwash every night.


      SoniCare electronic toothbrush works great, but it's not perfect. It cannot remove stain perfectly. That's why I use Reach toothbrush after that. I used to use Philips SoniCare Airfloss every night for six months or so, but I quit using it because it couldn't remove plaque as well as regular floss. Then, my hygienist recommended me to use both Airfloss and regular floss everyday, and I tried to use them. However, I eventually couldn't continue both, and stuck with regular flossing. In addition, I use a Japanese toothbrush, Lion Clinica Advantage Compact Toothbrush, to remove plaque between gum and teeth for the past six months, and it worked great for me. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I didn't use to like Japanese toothbrush because it's surprisingly too small, but I ended up liking for it. :) The head of the toothbrush is very small, so I can clean hard to reach places. Moreover, It has very thin bristles which work like floss. I use the Japanese toothbrush at very last step of my oral hygiene routine, so in order to remove plaque gently, I try to not use it for more than 20 seconds. (You know, I brush my teeth with SoniCare and Reach toothbrushes before that.)

    I think that it's not easy to find only one perfect oral care item, and each product has both advantage and disadvantage. That's why sticking with only one product is not good idea for my oral health. It's just my opinion though.

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