Saturday, November 21, 2015

Muji to Go 2015

      Today, I found this Muji commercial on their official YouTube channel. My husband and I travel occasionally, and we always try to find the best items for traveling. Taking right items can sometimes make a huge difference in the comfort of your travel. :)   

     If you are planning on traveling Japan and love Muji products, I recommend you to get your favorite Muji products there because those are selling at very reasonable prices in Japan compared to ones in the U.S.

Muji Gusset Case 
   L (40 x 53 x 10cm)  1300yen
   M (26 x 40 x 10cm)  1100yen
   S (20 x 26 x 10cm)   900yen
パラグライダークロスたためる仕分けケース Gusset Case

Muji Hanging Box Case
   L (16 x 19 x 6cm)    1600yen
   S (11 x 17 x 6cm)    1400yen

パラグライダークロス吊して使える洗面用具ケース Hanging Box Case

パラグライダークロス吊して使える洗面用具ケース Hanging Box Case

       We still haven't decided where we would travel during this coming New Year's holiday though. :)

     This is my entries related to Muji.

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