Monday, November 23, 2015

Black Thunder - Popular Japanese Chocolate Bar

     One day, I watched Japanese TV show, which was showing that Black Thunder had been become explosively popular in Taiwan. Black Thunder is chocolate bar made by Yuraku Confectionery Company in Japan and was first made in 1994. The company eventually started selling those in Taiwan in 2011. On the TV show, people in Taiwan were waiting in long lines to purchase Black Thunder. They have been purchasing large quantities of those. That's why Black Thunder was often sold out in Taiwan. Some Taiwanese families traveled Japan and were looking for Black Thunder there. They said that it was very hard to find Black Thunder in Taiwan, so those were perfect for souvenirs from Japan because everyone loves them. Now, the company exports 60% of production of Black Thunder to Taiwan!
Black Thunder by Yuraku

    They are also going to sell Black Thunder in the U.S. This is their official promotional video for Black Thunder. I can get what they are trying to say in this video, but this video is a little weird...  Don't you think?

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