Sunday, November 15, 2015

Josh Woodward - I Just Wanted to Dance

        A week ago, I uploaded my video, How to Make Caramel Macchiato, on my YouTube channel. I used I Just Wanted to Dance, one of Josh Woodward's songs, for its background music this time. I was able to understand the content of this lyrics but realized that there were many vocabularies I didn't know before. After figuring out the vocabularies, I fully understood this song. :)

Music - "I Just Wanted to Dance" by Josh Woodward. Free download:


You're standing there like a statue
So I decided to ask you
"Do you wanna dance?"
And then you took my hand
And you swung me around the grand old ballroom
You said "it's nice to meet you, now let's get married!"
I can see you like to boogie down 
But if you're looking for a wedding gown, I'm not your suitor
I just wanted to dance

I'm ready, willing, and able
To dance you under the table
But I don't want to be stuck in a minivan
With a 401(k) plan and picket fences out in the lawn
In deep suburbia
You sure know how to cut a rug
But if you're looking for a cuddlebug, I'm not quite ready
I just wanted to dance

Well all my friends have got big degrees 
They're driving 'round in SUVs
But that's not the kind of life for me right now

Someday I might find a career
Get a car with second gear
Until then, I just wanna be clear with you

Well, I'm sorry that I digressed
You look lovely in that dress
So let's go out and shake our butts like no one's watching

Here's my number if you wanna chat
You can keep it or, give it back, it makes no difference
'Cause I just wanted to dance

 Today's Vocabularies

swing around : 振り回す

boogie down : 行く ≒ get down

suitor 【 súːtər 】 : noun : 求婚者

picket fence : 棒杭の囲い

suburbia 【 səbə́ːrbiə 】 : noun : 郊外

cuddlebug : A person who loves to cuddle, usually completely platonic.

digress 【 daigrés 】 : verb :  〔話が〕本題からそれる、脱線する

    This is my entries related to my favorite songs.

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