Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Most Frequently Used Makeup Palette in 2015

       I bought this makeup palette, Kristofer Buckle Always Flawless Day to Night Palette, at Costco during holiday season last year, and I really love this palette. This is obviously my most frequently used makeup palette this year!
Kristofer Buckle Always Flawless Day to Night Palette
          As you might know, I love affordable makeup products and usually buy them at drugstores. I bought this for about $10 at Costco. It was actually more inexpensive than drugstore makeup. However, I noticed that the quality of this palette is as good as high-end ones! I am glad that I got this for myself as a holiday present last year. :))
Kristofer Buckle Always Flawless Day to Night Palette

Kristofer Buckle Always Flawless Day to Night Palette

       One of the reasons why I love this palette is the eyeshadows. The pigmentation is pretty good, and these stay true on my eyes all day.  I often used Day Look eye shadows, the left side of four eye shadows. These natural colors ones were perfect for every day makeup. :)  In contrast, the Night Look eye shadows, the right side of four eye shadows, were only used a couple of times. I wore them while dinning at a fancy restaurant in Hawaii this year. I don't usually wear smoky eye makeup, but I loved how chic these were!
Kristofer Buckle Always Flawless Day to Night Palette
         I also love the two blushes, which are so beautiful and perfect with these eyeshadow colors. However, they don't stay on very long, so you might want to reapply it during a day. I love the pretty beige pink lipgloss, which is the left bottom one. Its formula is nice and glossy. :) Last but not least, the black mascara is also excellent since it doesn't smudge under my eyes. :)

        If the truth be told, I haven't bought any makeup product except for eyeliners since I purchased this palette at Costco because I have been really satisfied with this product. :) Now, it's a holiday season, so I would like to go to Costco and check their holiday makeup products. :))

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