Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Japanese Winter Soup - Kasujiru, Sake Lee Miso Soup

      When cold season comes, I would like to have Japanese hot soup. Last week, I bought sake lees, which is called sake kasu in Japanese. Sake kasu are lees from left over from sake production and are good sources of protein, Vitamin B, folic acid, dietary fiber and etc. You can find sake kasu next to a miso paste section at a Japanese supermarket. This 200g of sake kasu was under $3. If you live in Japan, it might be about 100 to 200 yen.:)
Sake Kasu
       Last night, I made kasujiru, sake lee miso soup, with using this sake kasu. In addition to sake lee and miso paste, it contained chicken thigh, radishes, carrots, burdocks and green onions. It turned out very nutritious Japanese winter soup. If you would like to make this soup, you can check my previous entry, How to Cook Kasujiru. :)

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