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How to Make Ehomaki, Futomaki, Japanese Sushi Rolls for Setsubun

       Last week, I made ehomaki, Japanese thick sushi rolls, for setsubun. :)
      Setsubun (節分, February 3rd) is the day of before the beginning of spring (立春) in Japan. People in Japan eat ehomaki (恵方巻き), which is also called futomaki (太巻き), Japanese thick sushi roll, on the day of Setsubun. People usually eat the ehomaki while facing eho (恵方), which is the direction considered to be auspicious that year. This year, the eho was south-southeast (南南東), so my husband and I made ehomaki and checked the direction of south-southeast with the compass on iPhone. We ate the ehomaki while facing eho. :) Today, I'm going to share how to make ehomaki with you.

Futomaki (太巻き) is Japanese thick sushi roll.  
Ehomaki (恵方巻) is a long futomaki eaten on Setsubun (February 3rd).

       This YouTube video explains what ehomaki is in Japanese.
What Is Ehomaki?

     There are seven ingredients considered to be lucky, but nowadays you can add any ingredients for ehomaki. If you love fresh raw fish, you can add it. If you want to make ehomaki composed with more (or less) than seven ingredients, go for it!

Seven ingredients considered to be lucky are...
simmered shiitake mushroom (しいたけ)
kanpyo (かんぴょう)
egg (たまご)
grilled eel (うなぎ)
cucumber (きゅうり)
shrimp (海老)
sakura denbu (桜でんぶ)

Other suitable ingredients for ehomaki are...
fresh salmon (サーモン)
fresh tuna (まぐろ)
canned tuna (シーチキン)
imitation crab (かにかま)
yakiniku (beef or pork) (焼肉)
teriyaki chicken (照り焼きチキン)
sausage (ソーセージ)
fresh lettuce (レタス)
carrot (人参)
natto (納豆)
takuan (沢庵)

How to Make Ehomaki, Futomaki
      I chose sakura denbu, cucumber, canned tuna, tamagoyaki, crab sticks, natto and mayonnaise for my ehomaki, but you can choose any ingredients for it.

Ingredients (2 Futomaki Rolls) 
2 Servings of Steamed Rice
2 Tablespoons of Sushinoko (すしのこ) (You can add more or less the amount of sushinoko according to your taste.)
Sakura Denbu (桜でんぶ) (It's fluffy pink fish flakes and slightly sweet and salty.)
Cucumber (Cut it into strips.)
Canned Tuna (Season it with salt and pepper.)
Tamagoyaki (Cut it into strips.)
Crab Sticks (かにかま)
Natto (納豆) (If you are new to natto, you might want to skip this. I like it though.)
Japanese Mayonnaise

How to Roll Futomaki
1. (To Make Vinegared Rice) Mix steamed rice and sushinoko.

2. Put plastic wrap over makisu (巻きす), sushi rolling mat.

2. Put nori over it.

3. Evenly put vinegared rice on nori leaving 1 inch, 2.5cm, space at the far edges of nori.

4. Put all ingredients on the rice.
Put sakura denpu on rice.

Put cucumber on it.

Put seasoned tuna on it.

Put tamagoyaki on it.

Put crab sticks on it.

Put natto on it.

     Finally, top it with mayonnaise.
Top it with Japanese mayonnaise.

5. Roll the sushi.

6. Remove the makisu and plastic wrap.

7. Enjoy!

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