Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gomoku Chirashi, A Type of Sushi You Can Make at Home

Gomoku Chirashi (五目チラシ)
      Last week, I made gomoku chirashi, which is a type of sushi, at home for lunch. :)

     Sushi is not only a piece of fresh sliced fish on rice which is called nigirizushi (握りずし) in Japanese. There are many types of sushi in Japan such as nigirizushi, gunkan (軍艦), makizushi (巻き寿司) and chirashizushi (チラシ寿司). Many people outside of Japan think that making sushi is easy, but I believe that nigirizushi and gunkan should be made by only sushi chefs. That's why Japanese people eat sushi at sushi restaurants. We also buy sushi at supermarkets, but most Japanese people don't make those at home. Making nigirizushi at home is extremely rare in Japan. I think it's one of Japanese cultures, and I guess that it's come from respecting sushi chefs.
Nigirizushi and gunkan should be made by sushi chefs.
      However, makizushi and chirashizushi are only types of sushi people make at home. Indeed, when I was a little, my grandmother sometimes make those sushi for me. She made chirashizushi from scratch, but I often use this one, Nagatanien Sushi Taro, which is a set of gomokuzushi ingredients. It includes mixtures of vinegar, cooked shitake, carrot and etc.
Nagatanien Sushi Taro
      Just mix the package with fresh steamed rice, and add some extra ingredients you like such as thinly shredded egg omelet, sliced cucumbers and so on. I also added grape tomatoes and mixtures of tuna and mayonnaise. It was very easy and tasted good!
Gomoku Chirashi

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