Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex at Target & Macy's

     Last weekend, while I was shopping at my local Target, I found that there were cute opal glass mixing bowls!
Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex at Target
     They looked like Vintage Pyrex, so I first thought they were another Pyrex limited edition! That's why I thought I should buy some since I am really satisfied with my Pyrex products. However, they were actually named Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex and were the products of World Kitchen, which also manufactures Pyrex products now. While Pyrex products are made in USA, these Vintage Charm products are made in China. Unlike Pyrex products, these Vintage Charm mixing bowls can not be used in the oven. Despite the fact that they might not be truly Pyrex, they are still very pretty, and the designs were inspired by Vintage Pyrex, so I decided to purchase some. :) 
Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex at Target

     These were sets of three mixing bowls.
Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex at Target

     The following day, my husband and I went to Macy's and found Vintage Charm products.
Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex at Macy's
     These sets of three mixing bowls including three lids. I liked the turquoise blue one!
Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex at Macy's


    I bought some Vintage charm mixing bowls at Target. I will share what I bought with you in my tomorrow's entry.

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