Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Josh Woodward - Princess

      A few days ago, I uploaded this video, 4 Tips: How to Store Coffee Beans Properly, on my YouTube Channel. It's very important to store coffee beans properly because fresher coffee beans provide better coffee taste. I use Ball Mason Jars as an airtight container to keep coffee beans fresh.
      Anyway, this time, I used Princess, one of Josh Woodward's songs, as background music in this video. Today, I looked up the words I didn't know before from the lyrics.

Music - "Princess" by Josh Woodward. Free download:


There's a little girl in Skibbereen, with flowing hair and ragged jeans
And floating in a vivid dream, as classes go by

And every day at 3 o'clock, she's out the door and down the block
And hurries to the river dock, a gleam in her eyes

 And everything's fine for the day
 There's nothing to get in the way of her smile
 There's never a care for tomorrow
 Cuz Molly's a princess today

The barricade's a castle wall, 47 miles tall
The river’s got a waterfall, the moat is so deep

The cedar trees are canopies, a ceiling made of needle leaves
A buzzing fleet of honeybees is guarding the keep

 And no one can take this away
 What lives in her mind will remain there to stay
 There's never a care for tomorrow
 Cuz Molly's a princess today

Real life can be lifeless and cold   
When your heart grows up and gets old
The dreams of your past never seem to quite last
In a future that's so far away
But here in the place, you know Molly… is a princess today

In little while, it's dinnertime, she leaves the kingdom in her mind
A bookmark in the storyline, a chapter is done

The mystery of what will be, tomorrow, when the clock strikes three
There beneath the cedar trees, the princess will come

 And there's nothing that she couldn't do
 When she closes her eyes, and imagines the view
 There's never a care for tomorrow
 Cuz Molly's a princess today
 Yeah, there's never a care for tomorrow
 Cuz Molly's a princess today

 Today's Vocabularies

ragged 【rǽgid】: adjective : ぼろぼろの、やぶれた、ほつれた

gleam 【glíːm】 : noun : 輝き

moat 【móut】 : noun : 堀

cedar 【cedar】 : noun : ヒマラヤスギ

canopy 【kǽnəpi】: noun : 林冠(森林の上層部)、傘

    This is my entries related to my favorite songs.

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