Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Regular Dental Checkup

      I have visited a dentist for a regular dental checkup every six months or so. Today was the day for a regular checkup. I also got scaling and fluoride treatment today. I always take enough time for oral care every night, but my dentist found that I have a cavity, so I have to get my cavity removed this month. It will cost $430 after my insurance. ;( The cavity I got was in the tooth had a filling in over 10 years ago, so I think bacteria got in between the filling and the tooth, and it could cause cavity.
     As I mentioned in my previous entry, my night time oral care routine is using SoniCare FlexCare electronic toothbrush, Reach toothbrush, Listerine Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss, Lion Clinica Advantage Compact Toothbrush and Crest mouthwash every night. I will continue to stick with these products for a while.


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