Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Swimming Every Day

     Summer has come, and it's been very hot these days. After walking around my neighborhood, my husband and I finally decided to swim in our apartment's pool this Sunday. Even though it's just three minutes by foot from our home, we hadn't used this pool after moving into this apartment actually. It's been already three years since we moved in though.  Last time we swam was in the ocean, Hawaii last year. :)

    Swimming in the pool during night was very refreshing. I was able to see a beautiful full moon during swimming there. :)  
      We talked that we should try to swim there every day this month instead of walking. On the first day of our challenge, I got very tired from swimming for 30 minutes. Even though I really enjoyed swimming while I was there, I got very tired right after that. It's because I think I did the exercise that develops little-used muscles. I know that my everyday exercise had been not enough, and swimming is a good exercise to improve my health. :) Moreover, trying new things is very fun and makes me happy. :) We actually went swimming there three days in a row for now.

     After swimming, we soaked in a hot water in a Jacuzzi for a while last night. The hot water and bubbling of a Jacuzzi made me relax. :)
    The summer heat usually makes me tired and lazy, but now I really enjoy very hot summer days. I will go swimming again tonight. :)

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