Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wet Bar Renovation - Removed Wall Mirrors & Purchased New Wall Cabinets

       When my husband and I purchased our dated home last year, we thought we needed to renovate the mirrors and glass shelved wet bar. Our living room looked bigger because of the huge mirrors, but the wet bar looked dated and wasn't functional because of lack of storage. We wanted to install new wall cabinets for our mugs and glasses. 
Before (July 2016)

      That's why we removed the mirrors yesterday. :)  Originally, the mirrors were installed with strong adhesive to the walls. It took us a few hours to remove them from the walls.

      Then, we went to Lowe's and finally purchased two wall cabinets there.

     The unfinished oak base wall cabinet was $90.98 each at Lowe's. We will paint them white and install stainless steel t-bar pulls. 

    Today, we went to Lowe's again to see under cabinet lighting. We are planning on install under cabinet lighting for our wet bar. :)

     We just wanted to know how they installed the lighting. 

         As I mentioned in my previous entry, we were going to install entrance tiles this month, but we decided to work on our wet bar renovation first. It's because we didn't have enough storage space for our mugs and glasses. I wanted to organize those because our home looked clutter. ;( We will keep working on our wet bar renovation this month, and I will share with you how it turns out in my future entry. :) 

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