Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Package from My Mother-in-law

     I ordered some English textbooks on Japanese online shopping site early last month, and my mother-in-law sent the textbooks with some Japanese sweets from Japan. Last week, I finally received the package. I'm going to share with you what I got.

     These are textbooks I purchased for my English study.
     After passing NCLEX, I was looking for an English conversation textbook specified for nurses to get me ready for a RN refresher course. Even though I passed NCLEX, I am still not confident on my English. I cannot speak as fluently as native speakers do, but I am clearly classified as a bilingual, who speaks and understands English perfectly, to work in medical fields indeed. I wanted to get ones which were written only in English, but I was not able to find what I exactly wanted. I assumed that speaking English is much easier than passing NCLEX for most of people, so most international nurses have no problem with speaking English unlike me. I finally found only these textbooks on Japanese English study site. The textbooks, which are accompanied with CD-ROM, were published for nurses who need to speak in English at hospitals. In reality, these were much easier than I expected, and I already knew for the most of it. What I was most disappointed in was that there are too much Japanese. However, they're better than nothing, so I think I will learn something new from them. Anyway, I will have all the textbooks studied by my first day of the refresher course. I have three more weeks until then. Today, I studied one textbook for my first time. I recorded my voice to make sure if I pronounced correctly.

     Unexpectedly, I got a calendar as a free gift with purchasing the textbooks.

     My mother-in-law always adds something into a package. She sent my textbooks with some funny looking sweets and seaweed this time.

     Kumamons, which are the black bear characters on this package, are very popular in Japan now. These promote Kumamoto prefecture to consumers out of province.     

     These funny looking sweets were made of sweet potatoes and chestnuts.
Japanese cakes

     My husband and I like rice ball, so this seaweed is very useful for us.

     I appreciate her kindness. :)

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