Monday, December 16, 2013

ER DVD Set from Amazon Deal of the Day Sale

     I have been watching Grey's Anatomy DVDs to improve my listening skill. I want to learn English conversation related to medical situation. Now, I'm watching season six. Last Friday, I found that ER DVD set, which is the complete season 1 to 15, was selling for $144.99 on Amazon. It was originally $678.82 and usually sells around for $300 to $400, so I thought that I should buy it! Because I am Amazon Prime member, I received it last Saturday. :)

     When I was in high school in Japan, I first watched ER, which was dubbed in Japanese. NHK, Japanese national broadcasting organization, was broadcasting a rerun of American serial dramas late at night at that time. I probably watched an early season of ER then, so I didn't know that ER continued through season 15! After finishing watching Grey's Anatomy DVDs, I will begin to watch ER. I can't wait! :)
ER DVD the Complete Season 1-15

ER DVD the Complete Season 1-15

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