Monday, December 30, 2013

All the Replacements Were Done

     Last Saturday, my husband and I took my car to Pep Boys for some auto parts replacements, and we picked up my car next day.

The description of the replacements is...
Rear Wiper Blades Installed for free (regularly $23.38)
Computerized Wheel Alignment for $71.99
Dayco Serpentine Belt for $34.18
Remove & Replace Power Steering Pump Drive Belt for $115.56
3 Step Pro Fuel Pkg (E.F.T) for $80.99
Brake Clean & Adjust for $26.99
Tune Up Package (Spark Plugs) for $93.75
 Pepguard Limited Extend for $26.61
Serp Belt for $29.06

      Toyota's estimate was $697.29, but we paid $479.13 to Pep Boys, so we saved $218.16. It still cost a lot for the replacements though. However, maintaining your own car periodically is crucial to prevent driving trouble. If your car suddenly breaks down, it will cost more money and waste of your precious time.

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