Friday, December 13, 2013

Uploading My Blog With My iPhone

     I'm writing my blog with using my iPhone for my first time. It is much easier than my previous smart phone. :) I just wanted to make sure how it works in case of not being able to use my computer. Withough a doubt I prefer writing it on my computer, but I'm glad that I can write it without my computer, so I can continue my blog next year even if WiFi Internet connection is not stable at a motel. I'll be out of town for taking a refresher course for four days a week for four months. That why it was a huge concern for me.
     However, uploading photos on this blog with using iPhone doesn't seem easy, so I need to figure it out by the end of this month. I hope that I'll be able to access the Internet through WiFi with my computer at a motel.

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