Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pep Boys Auto Parts Replacements

     On December 29, my husband also took his car to Pep Boys to get some auto parts replaced. Toyota detected that the power steering return line hose was leaking by their inspection, so he was going to get the hose replaced as well. However, Pep Boys told him that the power steering hose wasn't leaking at all; in fact, the transmission oil cooler hose was leaking. I think Toyota might have miswritten the result of the inspection. :( Today, all replacements were done this evening.

The description of the replacements is...
Replace Valve Cover Gasket for $138.50
Tune-up Package for $103.38
Front Brakes Basic Plus for $252.51
Rear Brakes Basic Plus for $134.99
Fluid Leak Evaluation for $31.49
Remove & Replace Oil Coo for $105.93
Transmission Oil Cooler for $16.19

     The total replacements fee was $782.99 plus tax. In addition, Pep Boys offered their $60 rebate for getting Brake Service done. It will end up being $722.99 after the rebate. Considering that Toyota quoted $1,527.88 plus rotor price for all, Pep Boys did the entire job at great price. :)

    If you are planing on getting auto service done at Pep Boys, check their site first. They always offer many coupons. Auto service is always very expensive, so it will end up being huge discounts with a coupon. My husband saved $87.01 with using a 10% off coupon today.

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