Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oil Change and 21 Point Inspection

     Today, my husband and I took our cars to Toyota for oil change and 21 point inspection. It cost $42.62 for each car. It's been 20 months since we got a car inspection there, so it's about time. Besides, I'm going to drive long distance for commuting from next month, so I wanted to get my car inspected later this year. 

     As the results of the inspection, his car become apparent that something needs to be replaced before too long. Toyota quoted...
rotors for (?),
front brake for $479.88,
brake fluid exchange for $149,
clean and adjust for $57,
power steering hose for $369,
spark plugs for $169,
valve cover gasket for $235, and
cabin air filter for $69.
     The total estimated price of Toyota was $1,527.88 plus rotor price. He took his car to another car repair shop and asked for quotation. They quoted $685 plus a power steering hose price. He already made an appointment for getting the job done next week.

     Toyota also recommended me to get something replaced for my car. They quoted...
rear wiper Insert for $5.77,
drive belt for $212.97,
alignment for $109.55,
E.F.T service for $135,
clean and adjust (shoes) for $55, and
spark plugs for $179.
     The total estimated price of Toyota is $697.29. It will cost a lot of money, so I took my car to another auto repair shop and asked for the quotation. They quoted $478.36. I haven't decided where to take my car yet, but I will finish getting all replacement done this year.

     I'll take my car to Costco for tire rotation tomorrow morning. Because I've bought my tires at Costco, they provides the lifetime services which include inflation pressure checks, tire balancing, tire rotations, as well as flat repairs for free. Which means that alignment fee, which Toyota quoted $109.55, will be free. (Update: Costco does not do wheel alignment!)

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  1. There is a huge price difference between the dealer and independent auto shop! Well, I guess that's because, knowing that you're having your car checked over by experts endorsed directly by the dealer, you can rely on them to provide you with the best quality service possible. It's the feeling of reassurance that's making the difference. Although, I wouldn't go so far as to discredit the independent auto shop! I bet they've got some pretty good experts over there too!

    Kenny Isbell