Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fake Price at Premium Outlets Mall

     Do you like bargains? I am definitely a person who is always looking for bargain sales. That's why I enjoy shopping at outlets mall. However, I have recently noticed that some outlets stores mislead their customers with fake prices. They slap on products to make their sales seem more discounted. I'm going to share with you one example I have experienced.

     In August 2013, I bought three flat shoes at G.H. Bass Desert Hills Premium Outlets mall as I mentioned in my previous entry. Recently, I have accidentally noticed that their regular prices at outlets mall were twice more expensive than ones on their official online store.
    At the G.H. Bass outlets store, the regular prices were labeled for $99 each pair of shoes, so the total retail price was $297 for three pairs of shoes. In addition, they were offering up great deals, which was a buy one get two free sale, so I ended up paying for $89 for three pairs of shoes with using a $10 coupon. It seemed that these came out 70% off.

      However, the retail prices of these shoes are different on their official online store. Indeed, the retail price was $48 each pair of shoes. They slapped on the retail price of these shoes at the outlets store two times more expensive than their "real price". Even though I purchased them at great prices, these came out 38% off indeed instead of 70% off. That was a huge difference!

      Nonetheless I still like G.H. Bass shoes because their shoes are comfortable to walk in and stylish. I might buy their shoes in the future just like I did before. However, I was just disappointed in them, and I wish they were an honest company. :(  I just learned from my experience that I need to ignore the regular price at outlets mall since it might be phony. I believe that most other stores don't manipulate their regular price, but we never know that unless we check retail prices online ahead of time.

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