Sunday, December 15, 2013

iPhone Cases at Premium Outlets Mall

     As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband and I went to Desert Hills Premium Outlets to look at iPhone cases for my new iPhone. Many fashion retailers were selling many pretty and stylish iPhone cases, so I'm going to share with you what I liked.

     At Kate Spade, there were many kinds of stylish iPhone cases. These were originally $40 but were on sale for $20. I like Kate Spade because they always make adorable items.

Kate Spade New York iPhone Cases

      Specifically, I became interested in this iPhone case because there were so many apple prints on it. Apple is called ringo in Japanese, and my pen name for this blog is ringo, so I thought it would be perfect for me. :)

Kate Spade New York Apple iPhone 5 Case

     At Fossil, all tech items were labeled $4.99, and these would end up being $3.74 each with 25% instant saving. These were originally $25 each, so that was a great deal. These were not only huge discounted items but were also stylish. I was impressed with these designs.

Fossil iPhone Cases

Fossil iPhone Cases

Fossil iPhone Cases

     At Banana Republic, there were only two kinds of iPhone cases available. I liked the red one! I forgot the original price, but I believe that these were originally around $18 and were on sale for $9.

Banana Republic iPhone Cases

     At Tory Burch, there were many kinds of stylish iPhone cases. These were too pricey though. These were $50 to $60 and were not discounted. They were only offering 20% off when you buy $300 or more. Even though these were pricey, all of them were so decent with beautiful designs. I decided to buy my iPhone case there. :)

Tory Burch iPhone Cases

Tory Burch iPhone Cases

Tory Burch iPhone Cases

     After looking at all iPhone cases at the outlets mall, I finally chose this one at Tory Burch. This is so chic and adorable. :)

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