Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Registered for the Refresher Course

     Yesterday, I finally registered for the refresher course and ordered the required textbook from Amazon. I was thinking about taking a refresher course for a long time because I have been out of clinical practice for almost six years and don't have any clinical experience in the U.S. There are few refresher courses which I could commute from my home to take. However, non of them are appealing to me at all because I found out that all refresher courses are not the same, and each school provides very different programs, such as amount of the hours, contents of lectures, course fee and so on. The school which I wanted to go is way too far from my home, so I almost gave up taking the class because it takes more than two hours to commute to the school each way. My husband suggested me to stay at a motel three nights a week so that I don't have to waste time for commuting. I will take the class for four months, so it will cost a lot for accommodation, but it can be helped. I know that it sounds too intense. Even after I spend my money and energy for taking the class, there will be no guarantee of my future because too many RNs are struggling to get a job due to seriously nursing employment ice age today. In addition, I am pretty scared to take the class since my English is very poor, so I am not sure if I can keep up with the class. I think I will have to struggle a lot of difficulties by taking the class. However, I know that I really need to move forward for myself. For me, next year will be harder than ever before, and now I don't have time to watch time goes by.

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