Thursday, December 5, 2013

BLS Class

     Today, I took a BLS class for my first time and got the certification. At first I though the class will be about 6 hours long, but it finished in two and half hours. Only five people attended my class, so it was a pretty small class. :) First, each person introduced oneself in the class room, and I knew that we all were health care providers, such as a paramedic, life saver, and nurses. Then, we watched a short video and practiced CPR with using adult and infant mannequins. I have never seen and learned how to rescue a baby who is choking, so it was good opportunity to learn new skills. :) After all skill practices were done, we took a writing exam. The instructor said if you miss more than four questions, you would need to stay there and retake the exam. All of us passed the exam and got BLS certifications. It is required to renew the certification every two years, so I will take the class again two years later.

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