Sunday, March 5, 2017

Shopping at Floor & Decor

    Today, my husband and I went to Floor & Decor for our first time. They sell tiles, stone, wood, laminate and vinyl flooring material. We are planning on installing some tiles in our bathrooms and entrance, so we really wanted to check out this store. This store was really huge! They had a huge selection of tiles we could choose from!

     Porcelain is stronger than ceramic tiles, but it is more difficult to cut. I am planning on installing porcelain tiles in our entrance since I think that we won't have to cut the tiles to install them there. However, for bathroom flooring and vanity top, we will probably choose ceramic tiles because they are easier to cut.   

     We would like stone look porcelain tiles for our entrance. Today, we didn't buy any tiles though. 

     He told me that we should install tiles in our entrance first because we don't need to cut the tiles which means that it's easier for DIY beginners. We have never installed tiles before and don't know how hard it will be, so I think it's a good idea to start easier area first.  We have been renovating our dated home every weekend since last summer. We are very busy every weekend because of that. I think that we had better to finish filing tax return first before installing tiles. Have you finished filing your 2016 tax?

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