Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Woodbridge North Lake Sunset

       About a week ago, my husband and I went to Woodbridge North Lake in Irvine after enjoying watching wild animals at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. We love this lake because this is one of the greatest places to see wild birds in Irvine. :) It's been almost two years since we visited there last time
      We took a walk around the lake.  This time, I saw many children fishing around this lake.

       I found a large number of American Coots that day.
American Coots

American Coots

American Coots

Mallard Duck

Mallard Ducks
     I used to see many Canada Geese everywhere in Orange County, but I only found one pair of them that day.
Canada Geese

        While walking around the lake, we also enjoyed watching the afterglow of a sunset. 

      This was my second time to see Egyptian Geese. Last time, I saw these geese at Woodbridge North Lake as well.
Egyptian Geese

Egyptian Geese

     We enjoyed watching wildlife in Irvine. :)

Woodbridge North Lake
4615 Barranca Pkwy, 
Irvine, CA 92604

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