Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Is Just Around the Corner in Japan!

    This week, my mother-in-law sent this photo which she had taken in her backyard in Japan, to me. She told me that she wanted to share the beautiful red flowers, so spring is just around the corner in Japan. :) 
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     When I visited Japan in spring for the first time in six years in 2014, I was really moved by the smell of spring. It might sound funny to you, but the smell of flowers was full in air when I opened the entrance door of my parents home that day. Many wild plants start beautifully blooming after winter.
in 2014

     These all were wild flowers in Japan.
in 2014

in 2014

in 2014

        In 2014, I told my mother-in-law how beautiful Japanese spring flowers were in her home in Fukuoka. Then, she took me to the roadside station Koibotaru (道の駅恋ぼたる) to show me more flowers. :)
At The Roadside Station Koibotaru in 2014

      This week, she told me that when sakura, cherry blossoms, start blooming in Japan, she will sent more photos to me from Japan. :) My husband told me that she really loves me as if I were her true daughter. :) 
in 2014

       This is my video, which I recorded in Japan in 2014.

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