Friday, March 17, 2017

Starbucks Cold Brew Float

       Starbucks released new Affogato Style drinks such as Affogato, Cold Brew Float and Cold Brew Malt. According to CNBC news, these are only served in 10 Reserve coffee bars in D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Maryland and Boston, and 100 Starbucks stores in the Orange County, California, area. When I went to my local Reserve Starbucks in Orange County, I saw the sign that these are only available in limited time. Last weekend, I tried Starbucks Cold Brew Float for my first time. The tall size of Cold Brew Float was about $5.50. 

      The Cold Brew Float was Starbucks Roastery’s small-lot Cold Brew Coffee poured over ice cream.

      At first, the ice cream was still solid and hard, so it was a little bid hard to drink. However, after minutes, the cold brew coffee with melted ice cream turned out so delicious! 

     I enjoyed the new Starbucks drink!

     By the way, you can actually make affogato at home very easily. Last year, I uploaded this video, How to Make Affogato, on my You Tube Channel.

    Next time, I would like to try Starbucks Cold Brew Malt. :)

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