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A Package from My Mother-In-Law - It's from Japan!

      Today, my husband and I finally received a package which my mother-in-law sent from Japan. As I mentioned in my previous entries, she has sent some Japanese foods to us many times since we moved to the U.S. from Japan. Anyway, I'm going to share with you 8 Japanese products she sent for us. :)

1. Katsuobushi, Dried Bonito Flakes (かつお節)
Katsuobushi, Dried Bonito Flakes
      Have you ever had katsuobushi? Katsuobushi is dried bonito flake which is used as topping for takoyaki and okonomiyaki. My late grandmother used to make fish broth from katsuobushi to cook miso soup. Now, I use hondashi, broth powder made from bonito, for miso soup because it's easier.

2. Hijiki, Dried Sea Vegetable (ひじき)
Hijiki, Dried Sea Vegetable
     Hijiki is dried sea vegetable and is rich in fiber, calcium, iron and magnesium. In Japan, hijiki is used many Japanese foods. I cooked okowa, Japanese sticky rice, with using hijiki she sent before. You can check out my previous entry, How to Cook Okowa. We really love okowa, so I'll make okowa again soon.

3. Kaicyu Shiruko, sweetened red bean soup with monaka (懐中しるこ) 
Shiruko, sweetened red bean soup
     Shiruko (しるこ) is Japanese sweetened red bean soup. Because these include monaka, thin cresp wafers made from mochi, these are called kaicyu shiruko (懐中しるこ). The sweetened red beans are sandwiched between monaka. These are instant ones made by Bunmeido (文明堂), which is a famous Japanese confectionery established in Nagasashi prefecture in 1900. I only need to add hot water to them. :) My husband really love Japanese sweets made from sweetened red beans. Indeed, while I was writing this entry, he made this shiruko. :) I was surprised that this shiruko was so delicious! Bunmeido always makes the best ones!
Bunmeido Kaicyu Shiruko

4. Ogi Yokan, Japanese Traditional Red Bean Sweets (小城羊羹)
Ogi Yokan, Japanese Traditional Red Bean Sweets Made in Ogi City
     Yokan is a thick, jellied dessert made of red bean paste, sugar and etc. Ogi (小城) is a famous city located in Saga prefecture. Ogi is well known as yokan city. The city has 20 yokan stores. Even though there are many confectioneries sell traditional Japanese sweets called wagashi (和菓子) in Japan, confectioneries sell only yokan are very rare even in Japan.  My husband really loves yokan made in Ogi city. 

5. Okaki, Japanese Rice Crackers (おかき)
Okaki, Japanese Rice Crackers
     These are okaki, Japanese rice crackers. Did you know that Trader Joe's has started selling their okaki recently? You can check out my previous entry, Trader Joe's The Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets. Trader Joe's okaki tastes pretty good, but typical Japanese okaki is fluffier (and crunchy). The most well known Japanese okaki manufacture company is Kameda Seika (亀田製菓). My mother-in-law sent the latest Kameda Seika's okaki for us.

    This is onion okaki. It has 9 packages of okaki in it.
Kameda Seika Onion Okaki
      Onion is called tamanegi (たまねぎ) in Japanese. This cracker was so delicious! I noticed its onion taste! :)
Kameda Seika Onion Okaki

       This is gobo okaki. It also has 9 packages of okaki in it. Gobo is burdock roots, a Japanese vegetable. By the way, I love gobo miso soup so much. You can check out my previous entry, How to Cook Gobo Miso Soup.
Kameda Seika Gobo Okaki
      This okaki was the best I've ever had in years! When I opened the package, I noticed delicious gobo aroma! I wish you could try it!
Kameda Seika Gobo Okaki

6. Yamaiso Ajizuke Nori, Seasoned Nori (味付海苔)
Ajizuke Nori, Seasoned Nori
      Nori (のり/ 海苔) is Japanese dried seaweeds which are known as ingredients of rice balls, sushi rolls and so on. This nori is already seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. I'll make rice balls with this nori.

7. Marutai Bou Ramen (マルタイ  棒ラーメン)
Marutai Ramen
       I often mentioned about Marutai Instant Ramen in my previous entries. I think the best Japanese instant ramen is ones made by Marutai. Marutai Bou Ramen has been our favorite since we were children. Marutai is a Japanese company that makes instant ramen. The company established in Fukuoka in 1947 and started selling Bou Ramen in 1959. Because our hometown is Fukuoka, Marutai instant ramen reminds us of our families live in Fukuoka. :) This Bou Ramen has two servings of instant tonkotsu ramen. I cannot wait to have it. My husband is really good at cooking instant ramen, so he will cook it for our lunch soon. :)))

8. Maruha Crab Meats (カニ缶)
Maruha Crab Meats
    This is crab meat can we actually sent to her last month. We sent a set of six cans of crab meats as a Japanese traditional year-end gift to my parents-in-law. She told me that crab meats we sent were really high-end, and those were too expensive for only her and her husband. That's why she gave each can to each of our relatives such as my parents and my brother-in-law. That's why she ended up sending one crab can to us. We didn't expect that. She is a very very kind woman. We thought can products last for years, so our parents-in-law would sometimes enjoy crab meats for a long time. What should we send to her next?  

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