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Capsule Hotel in Tokyo - Review on First Cabin Tsukiji

      When my husband was on his business trip in Tokyo in November, 2016, he stayed at First Cabin Tsukiji, a capsule hotel in Tokyo, for his first time. Because the number of tourists visiting Japan has been significantly increasing in the past several years, current accommodation fee in Tokyo is not as reasonable as we used to stay there many years ago. He told me that First Cabin was about 50% less expensive than typical affordable hotels in Tokyo. He decided to stay there for two nights. I was very interested in what capsule hotel in Tokyo looked like because I've never stayed at any capsule hotel in Japan, so I asked him to take some photos to share them through my blog. :)  Today, I'm going to share with you his experience of staying First Cabin Tsukiji.    

      First Cabin Tsukiji is located near Tsukiji Fish Market. It takes only 5 minutes by walk to go to popular sushi restaurants in Tsukiji. You can also walk to Ginza for shopping. It only takes 5 minutes as well. There are Starbucks and a convenience store very close to the hotel (only 1 to 3 minutes by walk).

His Experience of First Class Cabin
     This capsule hotel has two kinds of rooms, First Class Cabin (4.4 ㎡) and Business Class Cabin (2.5 ㎡). First Class Cabin is a little more spacious than Business Class Cabin. This time, he stayed in the First Class Cabin.   As you can see the photo below, there was no regular door. Each room has accordion curtain to enter the room. Because of that, you will hear the noise coming from the next room and the hallway. However, nobody talks in a room because each room can be stayed only one person. If the person who is staying your next room is snoring loudly, it might wakes you up though.  

       I'm going to share the room of First Class Cabin with you. :) This was the room he stayed for two nights. Even though this hotel is capsule hotel, the room of the First Class Cabin was like a small room without a bathroom. You can see the carpet floor and it has a small table.   

        The bed was a little small but comfortable enough to sleep in.

      There were two drawers with key under the bed, so you can put in your belonging there.

     The hotel provided some towels and a set of simple pajamas, which were the black scrub like shirt and the black shorts. The complimentary toiletries included disposal slippers, toothbrush and etc.   

     You can watch TV with using earphones.

      There was no bathroom in the room, but each floor has a public bathroom. He told me that bathroom was pretty clean and had Japanese washlet toilets.

       All the photos below are from First Cabin homepage.

Front Desk
First Cabin Front Desk
        This is the photo of the hotel front desk. You can check in and check out here. It has a very modern look. When checking out, he asked a hotel receptionist if they kept his suitcases for hours, so he could walk around Tsukiji Fish Market and enjoyed delicious foods there. :) 

Cafe & Bar
First Cabin Cafe & Bar
     This is their cafe & bar which is located next to the front desk. Even if you don't stay at this hotel, you can enjoy having small meal and drinks there. Their breakfast is only 500 yen (5 a.m. to 10 a.m.). A glass of alcohol (beer, wine and whiskey) is 500 yen or more (5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.). 

Lounge Area
First Cabin Lounge Area
       This is the lounge area. When you buy bento box at convenience store, you can eat it here. He told me that there were some news papers  and some travel guide booklets.

 First Class Cabin
       This is the room of the First Class Cabin (4.4 ㎡).
First Class Cabin

First Class Cabin

Business Class Cabin
     These rooms are the Business Class Cabin (2.5 ㎡). Unlike First Class Cabin, there is no carpet floor you can visually see.  There are no drawer under the bed.
Business Class Cabin

Business Class Cabin

 Public Baths
First Cabin Public Bathroom (photo from the homepage)

     This is the public bath area in this hotel. The bath area has a pretty big bathtub you can soak in and five or six showers. Each shower area has shampoo, conditioner and body soap you can use for free. You might want to know the Japanese public bath etiquette. You should wash your body and hair before soaking in a public bathtub. You shouldn't put your towel nor soap in a bathtub. 
    At dressing room, you can use hair dryer. There are also some individual shower rooms. If you are not comfortable to use the Japanese style public bath, you can use a individual shower room, so you don't have to feel awkward being naked around strangers.

     Compared to other typical capsule hotels in Japan, this First Cabin Capsule Hotel is very spacious. I've never stayed at any capsule hotel, but he stayed at a few other capsule hotels when he was early 20s. The room/unit of typical capsule hotel is usually super small, and you cannot stand in your unit literally because of extreme low ceiling (You can only sit and lie down.).   Overall, he really enjoyed staying at First Cabin Tsukiji because he can sleep pretty much anywhere. This hotel was very clean and the room was comfortable. He told me that he will probably stay at this hotel again when he has business trip alone in Tokyo. :)  If you love traveling alone in Japan and don't mind some noise, it's a probably good idea to stay at a capsule hotel because it's cheaper. In contrast, if you are very sensitive to noise, you might want to stay at regular hotel. If you travel with someone like friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or family, you don't want to stay at a capsule hotel because each room/unit can be stayed only one person, and male area and female area are separated. In addition, you may not chat in the room.  If you are planning on staying at First Cabin Capsule Hotel and want to carry a lot of belonging like suitcases, you might want to choose First Class Cabin rather than Business Class Cabin.

First Cabin Tsukiji
2-11-10, Tsukiji
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045

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