Thursday, January 26, 2017

Japanese Ramen Bath Powder - Cool and Fun Japanese Products

     Do you like taking a bath? We all know that taking a bath makes you really relax. :)

     In my previous entry, Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Bath Salt / Bath Additive Brands, I wrote about popular Japanese bath salt products. Last month, I found that very unique bath salt was in the news in Japan. Village Vanguard, a Japanese chain store that sells books and commodities, released Dashi Soup Bath Powder (だし汁の湯) last year, and it became the most talked-about bath salt in Japan! Can you imagine that you are soaking yourself in miso soup? It smells so delicious, but you cannot drink it from the bathtub. After taking miso soup bath, your body smells like miso soup. Who wants to take the miso soup bath? Surprisingly, the Dashi Soup Bath Powder was sold out very quickly in Japan!
       Yes, you can enjoy being the ingredient of the soup! 

       Village Vanguard says, "What!? Are you gonna buy it? Are you an idiot?"

      They created many kinds of bath salt which smells like foods.
Curry Bath Powder

     This is yakisoba bath salt. Maybe, your family think you are cooking yakisoba noodles in your bathroom.
Yakisoba Bath Powder

     This is gyudon, Japanese beef bowl, bath salt. The smell of gyudon lingers your body.
Gyudon Bath Powder

      This is ramen soup bath salt. Maybe, your classmates wonder why the smell of ramen comes from you.
Ramen Soup Bath Powder

     This is kimuchi Jjigae bath salt. You might want to wash your body well after soaking in the bathtub.
Kimuchi Jjigae Bath Powder

       This is miso soup bath salt. Because of delicious smell, you probably want to bring a cup of steamed rice to your bath, but be sure not to drink miso soup bath. It's not edible.
Miso Soup Bath Powder

     Are you interested in these cool and fun Japanese products?  Because of high popularity, these are very hard to find in Japan now. If you are very lucky, you can find them at Village Vanguard branches, but are you really want to soak yourself in ramen bath???

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