Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tokyo Central Bara Chirashi Is the Best! & How to Cook Gobo Miso Soup

     Today, my husband and I went to Tokyo Central, a Japanese supermarket in Costa Mesa, and bought our favorite bara chirashi, which is a type of Japanese sushi. We love their bara chirashi so much because their fresh raw fish is always pretty good quality at reasonable price. It's only $8.48 per pack! We were going to eat the sushi at their food court, but he told me, "I'll make miso soup at home, so sushi with hot miso soup will be perfect, right?" That's why we had these for dinner at home tonight. :)
Bara Chirashi & Miso Soup

      As you can see the photo below, there were many kinds of sashimi grade fish over sushi rice.
Bara Chirashi

     There were salmon (サーモン), tuna (まぐろ), octopus (タコ), yellowtail (ハマチ), tobiko (トビコ), tamagoyaki (卵焼き) and oba leaves (大葉).
Bara Chirashi

       This miso soup he cooked was so delicious! :) Making miso soup is so easy actually. He added aosa (あおさ) which he bought at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. Aosa, dried sea lettuce, tastes like nori. He also added sliced burdock roots, which are also called gobo (ごぼう), for umami flavor. If you have never had gobo miso soup before, you really should try it. Gobo can be purchased at any Japanese supermarkets in the U.S. Just slice it thinly and add one to two tablespoons of it into water and bring it to a boil. Add dried wakame and aosa. Finally, turn off the heat and add miso paste. Serve it in a small bowl and top with chopped green onion. I always keep sliced raw gobo in my freezer, so we can use whenever we want. You can check my previous entry, How to Cook Miso Soup.
Gobo Miso Soup

      I brewed hot genmaicha, Japanese green tea combined with roasted brown rice. :) Having sushi, miso soup and green tea were perfect. Thanks, my husband for delicious miso soup and suggesting having sushi at home. :) 

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