Sunday, January 15, 2017

Replaced Old GFCI Receptacles

     My husband and I have been working on master bathroom and guest bathroom renovation this month. We didn't expect that bathroom renovation would be much harder than our kitchen renovation! I am not good at installing electric fixtures and plumbing at all, so he has been very busy for those things every weekend. That's why, I tried to find what I could do and decided to replace GFCI outlets by myself today. He bought the right GFCI outlets, Eaton GFCI Receptacles, weeks ago and I tried to replace old ones to new ones today.

     As you can see, our old GFCI outlets were almond color, which looked so dated just like other old outlets we had replaced. They also had some paint on. :(

      I replaced them to white ones. :)  

      I just turned off the power and followed the instruction booklet. Actually, wiring was not so difficult. :) The white wire connected to the silver, and the black wire connected to the brass. The grounding wire connected to the green. However, it was pretty hard to put all wires and the receptacle into the right place. The strong rigid wires were very hard to put in the hole in the wall. I finally had to call him for help.

     I replaced two GFCI outlets, and new ones work great! :)) 

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