Saturday, January 7, 2017

Japanese Foods I Brought on My Road Trip

      On the day my husband and I headed toward Arizona for our New Year travel last week, we prepared some Japanese foods and brought them on our road trip. It's because when we travel for more than two days, we end up missing Japanese foods so much. Because I am a Japanese, I want to eat some white rice as many days as possible. :)  In addition to some snacks and bottles of water, we prepared some Japanese foods to enjoy our travel. During New Year's days, many restaurants usually close early, so we thought preparing extra meals would help us. (When we traveled in Hawaii during New Year's days, it was very hard to find a restaurant opened on January 1st.) Moreover, preparing extra meals also saved some money and time during our travel. :)  Today, I'm going to share four Japanese foods I brought on my road trip with you.

1. Rice Balls
     Right before going on a road trip, I made some rice balls with using rice ball seasonings which my mother-in-law sent to us from Japan. We ate them all in our car on the first day. :) 

      These were rice ball seasoning I used for making our rice balls. He loved Marumiya Wakana Rice Ball Seasoning
Rice Ball Seasonings

2. Instant Soba Noodles
      On New Year's Eve, it's a Japanese traditional to eat soba noodles, which are called toshikoshi soba (年越しそば). Even when we travel on New Year's Eve, we want to eat toshikoshi soba. We brought two servings of instant noodles, Maruchan Midorino Tanuki Ten Soba (マルちゃん 緑のたぬき 天そば). Noodles with tenkasu or agedama are called tanuki (たぬき) in Japan such as tanuki soba and tanuki udon. We had these instant soba noodles at a motel late night on New Year's Eve. :)  
Maruchan Midorino Tanuki Ten Soba

3. Instant Japanese Curry
      We bought two servings of our favorite instant curry, S&B Golden Curry, at a Japanese supermarket. A lodge we stayed in Santa Fe had a full kitchen with cooking tools, plates and utensils, so we could heat the curry and enjoyed it at the lodge. :)
Instant Japanese Curry

4. Microwavable Steamed White Rice
      We bought 6 servings of microwavable steamed white rice, Nishiki White Rice, at a Japanese supermarket. They are very easy to enjoy. We just microwaved them for minutes. We had them with Japanese curry. :)   
Nishiki Microwavable Steamed White Rice

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