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2 Most Popular Kose Sekkisui Products - Popular Beauty Souvenirs from Japan

     If you love Japanese beauty product, you might know Sekkisei (雪肌精), which is one of the most popular skin care brand of Kose. You can check out my previous entries, 5 Best Japanese Facial Lotion (Toner), Kesyou-sui and Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Pore Minimizer.

     Do you know Sekkisui (雪肌粋)? You might think that Sekkisui sounds similar to Sekkisei. Sekkisui is a skin care brand of Kose and 7-Eleven. They created Sekkisui, an affordable skin care products, after Sekkisei. Yes, Sekkisui and Sekkisei are sister brands. :) You can only purchase Sekkisui products from Seven & i Holdings companies such as 7-Eleven convenience stores and Ito-Yokado supermarkets in Japan. 7-Eleven has 18,316 convenience stores in Japan now, so it's very easy to find Sekkisui products there. 
      Sekkisui has gotten more and more popular in Japan. I heard that Sekkisui products are very popular for foreign tourists traveling Japan. It's because it's products of Kose, which is a venerable cosmetic company, and it's very affordable! Moreover, it's made in Japan, so it's perfect Japanese souvenirs for female friends and families. Some Japanese people review that they sometimes saw that foreign tourists bought up so many Sekkisui products at convenience stores.

      Sekkisui has many kinds of products now. Today, I'm going to share two most popular Sekkisui products with you.

1.  Sekkisui White Washing Cream (雪肌粋  ホワイト洗顔クリーム)
80g - 460yen
120g - 600yen

Sekkisui White Washing Cream
     Sekkisui White Washing Cream is facial cleanser. According to Kose, Sekkisui White Washing Cream, sells every 6 seconds in Japan, and 12 millions of it have been sold so far.
Sekkisui White Washing Cream
         You can create plenty of great lather from this facial cleanser, so you can wash your face without rubbing your skin. This is the most gentle way to clean your face. :)  (I recommend you to use a Japanese foaming net to make a great lather. You can check out my previous entry, Top 5 Life-Changing Japanese Beauty Products.) Some people review that this works well to get brighter skin.

2. Sekkisui Cosmetic Mask For Translucency (雪肌粋  透明美肌マスク)
1 facial sheet mask for 300yen
Sekkisui Cosmetic Mask For Translucency
      I don't think this facial sheet mask is very affordable. You can check out my previous entry, The Most Popular Facial Sheet Masks in Japan. However, one sheet mask contains 30ml of beauty serum, so it might be pretty reasonable considering that this sheet has high quality active ingredients. Some Japanese people review that this really moisturizes skin well and they've noticed whitening effect with this facial mask.   I think an individual package of a facial sheet mask is perfect souvenir for every woman because it's easy to give away. :)  By the way, when you use a facial sheet mask, I recommend you to use Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover, which prevents moisture evaporation from the mask. :)

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  1. i myself have tried the cleanser. It is really good. I used to use Shiseido Whip for some time but realised over the time it just gets dirtier and dirtier. And drys out my skin. This is way better. But it needs to be made in japan. I realised some brands have the same variant but the formulation is different between japan and overseas.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Have you ever tried a Japanese foaming net? It's a net to create very thick foam very quickly, and using it with Shiseido Perfect Whip (or any other Japanese facial foaming cleanser), you can wash your face with very thick lather. This is the gentlest way to wash your face.
      After reading your comment, I thought I should try Kose Sekkisui White Washing Cream. I will purchase it in Japan this winter. :)
      Thanks again!