Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market - What My Husband Ate in Japan

     As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband was on his business trip in Tokyo, Japan in October this year. When he has a chance to go to Tokyo, he always stay at a hotel which is located very close to Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market in order to have high quality seafood there when he has a little free time. In October, he stayed at the hotel only one night, but he was able to go to Tsukiji Fish Market twice during his busy business trip. :)

     He took a subway from Shiodome Station (汐留駅) to Tsukijishijo Station (築地市場駅).


      He bought this dried firefly squids for me, and I loved that. :) You can check out my previous entries, Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo - Japan Haul and Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market Style Breakfast - What My Husband Cooked.

      This time, he decided go to Marukita Nigouten (まるきた2号店), a seafood bowl restaurant.

     There were many kinds of seafood bowls he could choose from.

      He finally chose this Omakase don (おまかせ丼), 11 kinds seafood over vinegared rice. 

     The delicious aosa miso soup was free. :)

     This seafood bowl was 2500 yen and had high quality fresh ingredients, which were sea urchin, salmon roes, squid, sea eel, herring roes, salmon, tuna, yellow tail, scallop, fatty tuna, shrimp, egg, oba leaf and sliced ginger pickles.

        There was the huge fresh tuna head over a plenty of crushed ice in front of a restaurant on the streets. (He doesn't remember the name of the restaurant.) A tuna head is used as fish broth for delicious soup, which is called ara jiru (あら汁). 

      At Harenohi Syokudou (ハレの日食堂), there were many fresh sea urchins selling for 600yen each.

     The friendly staff opened and cut it for ready to eat.

     He had two kinds of sea urchins there. They were very fresh!

     He also had this grilled scallop with sea urchin on top. It was 1000yen.

      He had so many delicious seafoods at one visit!  He must have enjoyed a lot there during his business trip. :)

     This is the video which he recorded at Tsukiji Fish Market in 2014.

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