Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Black Friday Haul - Whirlpool Counter-Depth Refrigerator

      When my husband and I purchased our home this summer, we first thought that we should buy a bigger refrigerator soon because we cook meals on a daily basis, and that refrigerator, which was included this home purchase, was smaller than one we used to use at our previous apartment. Moreover, the old 18-cu ft refrigerator was not only small but also looked pretty dated. It has worked without any problem though.

      On the Black Friday, we finally bought a new refrigerator. Since we have a narrow kitchen, we looked for counter-depth refrigerators. As I mentioned in my previous entry, even though we were planning on purchasing one on online, we went to our local Lowe's to see actual refrigerators on the day before Thanksgiving Day.

     Finally, we purchased this Whirlpool 20.6-ct ft refrigerator, WRS571CIDM. :) It was originally $1,598 but was on Black Friday Sale for $1,098. After everything (tax, a water filter, a connector and 5-year warranty), it cost $1,078 with using a 10% off coupon, Lowe's gift cards and Topcashback. We purchased a 10% off Lowe's e-coupon from Ebay right before ordering this refrigerator. When Lowe's gift cards were on sale, we purchased some Lowe's gift cards from PayPal Digital Gifts through Ebay and kept them to use our refrigerator purchase. By the way, I don't really recommend purchasing any gift cards from individual Ebay sellers and Raise.com because we don't know who is selling the gift cards, and I never want to purchase fraud gift cards. I think that a few bad people steal credit card information from somewhere and purchase a lot of gift cards and resell those.    
Whirlpool 20.6-cu ft Counter-Depth Refrigerator WRS571CIDM 

      Anyway, my husband and I thought this refrigerator had enough space for us. :) 
Whirlpool 20.6-cu ft Counter-Depth Refrigerator WRS571CIDM

    On December 10, the new refrigerator was finally delivered to our home!

      We were surprised that filtered water and ice cubes from this refrigerator were so delicious somehow. We used to drink water filtered by Brita for many years, but Brita water tasted terrible sometimes. It was seriously life-changing for us! At first, I didn't like that it was told that a refrigerator with ice maker was easy to brake. That's why we also purchased a 5-year warranty for this refrigerator. I hope this one will last at least 5 years. 

    I purchased some white baskets at Daiso to organize in it. This morning, I cooked a lot of chikuzenni and put them in my refrigerator, but I can see it has still some free spaces. :)

     I also purchased two Daiso white containers for frozen meat and vegetable in my freezer, and I am still looking for two more containers. I need two medium size ones for frozen seafood and bread. I am also planning on purchasing an extra shelve in this freezer.

       Overall, I am really satisfied with our new refrigerator. :)

     Our kitchen had a new look with replacing the refrigerator. :)

       The photo below was taken on the day we purchased this home. We were sometimes surprised at how much our kitchen has improved by looking back the first photo. We painted kitchen cabinets white and installed t-bar pulls. Then, we moved the old trash compactor and refrigerator, and installed new kitchen flooring. Then, he made a built-in trash cabinet. Finally, the refrigerator is there. Next project for our kitchen renovation will be installing recessed lights, but it will be done next year. We are now working on our two bathrooms' renovation. :)      

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