Friday, December 23, 2016

Shopping The Quietest Bathroom Fans

     When my husband and I were going to purchase this our home, we first noticed that the bathroom fans were very noisy. We asked our home inspector if those were working like normal. He told us that that much noise was acceptable level. However, our previous apartment had a pretty quiet bathroom fan, so compared to that, I couldn't stand the noisy bathroom fans of our home.
our noisy bathroom fan

     While I was looking for perfect fans for our bathrooms, I learned that I also needed to look for the fan's sones rating, which indicates the sound level. A lower rating is quieter. A sones rating of 1 is equivalent to about the sound level of a refrigerator. According to, the quietest fan operates at 0.3 sones. Then, I found that Panasonic Bathroom fans have many positive reviews. Many people review that it's very powerful, yet very quiet, and you cannot even tell if it's on. Because I know that Panasonic is one of the biggest Japanese electronic manufacture companies, and they always make excellent ones (such as my hair dryer and MD Player), I immediately decided to purchase Panasonic ones for our bathroom.  However, there are many kinds of Panasonic bathroom fans we could choose from.

FV-08VQ5, Panasonic 0.3-Sone 80-CFM White Bathroom Fan ENERGY STAR 
      First, I thought that I should choose this one, FV-08VQ5. Panasonic sells a similar model to this one in Japan, and it has also many positive reviews there. Ones in Japan are about half price though. 

FV-08VQC5, Panasonic 0.3-Sone 80-CFM White Bathroom Fan ENERGY STAR
      Then, I found that this one, FV-08VQC5, has a motion and humidity sensor, and it automatically turns the fan on when needed. This one is more expensive, but I thought that a fan with humidity sensor is really great.

FV-08VQCL6, Panasonic 0.3-Sone 80-CFM White Bathroom Fan with Light ENERGY STAR 
    Then, I found that this one, FV-08VQCL6, is a bathroom fan with light and has a motion and humidity sensor. Since we were thinking about removing sliding glass bathtub doors and installing shower rods and curtains, I thought that our bathrooms would need some ceiling lights. Even though this one is pretty expensive, we though it would be perfect for our bathrooms. That's why we ended up purchasing two Panasonic fans with lights.

     Today, our Panasonic bathroom fans were finally delivered to our home! I hope we can install them this weekend. :)  
Panasonic FV-08VQCL6

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