Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Before and After Replacing Dimmer Switch And Light Switch

      I didn't like all outlets and switches in my home were originally almond color which looked very outdated. As I mentioned in my previous entry, How to Install New Outlet Cover Plate - Hubbell Taymac Revive Decorator Wall Plate Review, my husband and I have already replaced many of outlet cover plates in our home because it was very easy to replace them. However, we thought replacing dimmer switch and GFCI outlet was not that simple at all, and it requires understanding electrical wiring. Hiring an electrician costs a lot of money, so he decided to do it himself. I didn't do anything for it because it seemed too difficult for me. When it comes to electrical things, it makes me headache. :(   In contrast, he seems always enjoy himself when he figures out new things. I really respect him. :)

      This weekend, he replaced this old dimmer switch and light switch to new ones. I took this photo after removing four mounting screws, so it looked worse than original.

       This is the photo after installing the new ones. :)  I am glad that it look very new and works perfectly.  Thanks, my husband!

What He Bought for This Project
    In order to replace them, he bought these four items. In addition to these, you will also need a screw driver.

1. White Wall Plate Cover
Pass & Seymour TP262W Trade Master Wall Plate 2 Gang 2 Decorator, White

2. White Dimmer Switch 
Eaton SAL06P-W-K Skye AL Series 3-Way Single-Pole Sliding Dimmer Switch with Rapid Start Feature, White Finish

3. White Light Switch 
Pass & Seymour TM870WCC10 Decorator Switch, Single Pole

4. Electrical Tester
Southwire Woods Multimeter Analog

    I don't really know how he replaced the switches, but I will share how he did it as far as I know. (without wiring step)

    First, turn off the power to your switch at the breaker. Then, remove the mounting screws.

     Remove the old wall plate cover and old switches.

      Then, connect new switches. You need to understand electrical wiring for this step.

    Finally, install a new wall plate cover.

      I really like new switches. :)

     He will replace old GFCI outlets in our bathrooms next time. :)

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