Saturday, December 17, 2016

Daiso Haul - Japanese Bubble Gum, Marukawa Fusen Gum

     Today, my husband and I went to my local Daiso and found these boxes of Japanese bubble gum. It reminded us of our childhood memories in Japan. :) When I was a child, there were always many flavors of bubble gum from Marukawa at small candy stores which are called dagashiya (駄菓子屋) in Japanese. Our teachers told us we were allowed to bring up to 300 yen value of candies and snacks to elementary school field trip. Many Japanese candies were 10 to 30 yen each back then. A small box of the chewing gum which contained four small babble gums was only 10 yen. I remembered that I often chose some boxes of Marukawa bubble gum.
Marukawa Bubble Gum

     This packages has 7 flavors of bubble gum. :) 
Marukawa Bubble Gum 7 Flavors

     We chose this one. It had four kinds of bubble gum, orange, strawberry, cantaloupe melon and grape.
Marukawa Bubble Gum 4 Flavors
       The bubble gums smelled so yummy and tasted pretty good but were not as good as ones I remembered. We thought as we grow older, our food preferences change. They are children's bubble gum. :)
Marukawa Bubble Gum

      However, I still liked Melon flavor and Grape flavor ones. :) 
Marukawa Bubble Gum Melon

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