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Amazon Japan Haul - Sanitary Pads and Pantyliner

       According to Japanese news, Japanese famous baby diapers such as Kao Merries and Unicharm Moony were often sold out at drugstores in Japan. Because Japanese diapers are incredibly popular for wealthy people in China, Chinese resellers bought up all famous diapers from a lot of stores in Japan, and they resold those with pretty good prices in China. I actually saw that on news many times a few years ago. Kao officially started selling Merries in China a year ago, but their diapers are still often out of stock in Japan because ones in Japan are about half price. I think most Japanese didn't know that Japanese baby diapers are way beyond standard.

      Just like baby diapers, Japanese sanitary pads are also well made. Because most women prefer to use pads rather than tampons in Japan, many Japanese paper companies have tried to improve sanitary pads. Since I live in the U.S. now, I've used some US sanitary pads such as Stayfree and Kotex, but I am not really satisfied with those products. Stayfree pads are affordable and often on sale, but blood sometimes leaks, and I don't like Kotex pads because they irritate my skins and blood leaks as well. My favorite US sanitary pads are Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value and Always.

Amazon Japan Haul - Japanese Sanitary Pads
      Japanese sanitary pads have never irritated my skins. They absorb blood well. Even though my blood still leaks with Japanese pads once in a while, it happens less often. I feel more secure with using Japanese one during my period. One of the reasons why I like Japanese pads is that Japanese paper products are always very affordable. That's why I ordered many Japanese sanitary pads from Amazon Japan, and my husband picked up my packages at convenience store in Tokyo last month. I had never asked him to get lady stuffs in Japan until I knew Amazon Japan convenience store pickup. You know how much I love Amazon Japan convenience store pickup. :)  Today, I am going to share what I ordered on Amazon Japan with you. These products listed below can be purchased at drugstores and supermarkets in Japan as well.

■Sanitary Pads■

1. Wisper (ウィスパー やわらか&しっかり吸収)
22 pads x 4 packages (for day time)
484 yen for 4 packages (88 pads)
Whisper Pads
     The texture of Wisper pads is very similar to Always pads. Indeed, Always is sold under the name Whisper in Japan. That's why Always pads are popular for Japanese people who live in the U.S.

2. Elis (エリス 新・素肌感 昼用)
22 pads x 4 packages (for day time)
576 yen for 4 packages (88 pads)
Elis Pads
      Elis is sanitary product brand of Elleair (エリエール), the most biggest paper brand of Daio Paper corporation (大王製紙), which was found in Ehime prefecture in 1943. 

3. Elis (エリス 新・素肌感 夜用)
10 pads x 2 packages (for night time)
295 yen for 2 packages (20 pads)
Elis Pads

4. Sofy (ソフィ ボディフィット 昼用)
22 pads x 2 packages (for day time)
255 yen for 2 packages (44 pads)
Sofy Pads
        Sofy is sanitary product brand of Unicharm (ユニ・チャーム), which was found in Tokyo in 1961.

5. Sofy (ソフィ ボディフィット 夜用)
12 pads x 2 packages (for night time)
257 for 2 packages (24 pads)
Sofy Pads

     I also ordered a lot of pantyliner on Amazon Japan.  :)
Amazon Japan Haul - Japanese Pantyliner

 1. Sofy (ソフィ Kiyora フレグランス)
72 liners x 2 packages
616 yen for 2 packages (144 liners)
Sofy Pantyliner

2. Sofy (ソフィ ふわごこち)
38 liners x 3 packages
348 yen for 3 packages (114 liners)
Sofy Pantyliner

3. Wisper (ウィスパー さらふらライナー)
80 liners x 3 packages
846 for 3 packages (240 liners)
Whisper Pantyliner

4. Laurier (ロリエ きれいスタイル)
72 liners x 1 package
248 yen for 72 liners
Laurier Pantyliner

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