Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Experience with

     Have you heard about Ebates is a company that gives you cash back if you click through the links of the store which listed on I have been an Ebates member since 2011 and received over $100 of cash-back in total from Ebates so far. I highly recommend using to anyone who shops online. It is very simple to earn cash-back. If you don't have Ebates account, you should sign it up. They are currently offering a $10 gift card to anyone who becomes a new member!   You can sign up from my link here.

When do I use Ebates?
     Before online-shopping, I always check Ebates to seek additional offers. For instance, Ebates is currently offering some Groupon deals which include a 3% cash back on your Groupon purchase. I have recently purchased two ferry tickets for $74 on and earned $2.22 cash-back on my Ebates account. What I did in order to earn my cash-back was that just clicking store link on before purchasing the tickets. That's very simple and easy, so don't forget to click through before online-shopping.

What was the biggest bonus in my experience of Ebates? dose not only offer cash-back but also offer some additional discounts. For example, I have purchased some meats from Omaha Steak by clicking through At that time, Ebates was offering a free 2 lb of Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and a 5% cash-back, so I ended up receiving a delicious roasted turkey breast for free and earning $2 cash-back!
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Have I experienced any cash-back trouble?
     I have shopped online 22 times by clicking through for three years. My cash-back was missed twice. However, I have never been upset about that because they always try to figure it out and respond promptly.
     After purchasing online, I check my email box. Ebates sends me email to inform that my Ebates account has been updated to reflect recent shopping activity. When they send the email is varies. When I purchased from the Body Shop, my Ebates account was updated the next day. When I booked hotel room on, it was updated three days after actually staying at the hotel. If they don't send email to me after purchasing so long, I go through Customer Care, and Click "Where's my Cash Back?"  Then, I simply fill out the information. My cash back was missing twice, but they solved both of them within a few days.

Click "Where's my Cash Back?"

Then, fill out the information

How do they pay me back?
     They pay me back with a check every three months if I earned more than $5.01 cash back. Once you earned it, you should visit your "My Ebates" page and select cash back method, which you can choose from either check or PayPal. Make sure if your current address on your Ebates account is correct.

     So far, my experience with Ebates has been excellent! I am really satisfied with their site. If you don't own your Ebates account, you should sign it up and get a $10 giftcard.

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