Thursday, March 17, 2016

Seafood Mushroom?

       Last weekend, I found this mushroom at a Korean supermarket. It read, "Seafood Mushroom" and "シーフードキノコ" in Japanese. I have never seen seafood mushroom in Japan, so I decided to try this new mushroom for my first time. After coming back home, I searched about seafood mushroom in Japanese, but there was no information on Internet somehow. I also searched about it in English but only found a few information from some Chinese companies selling some kinds of mushrooms.
Seafood Mushroom
           Seafood mushroom looked like the bigger version of enoki mushroom. 

       I didn't have any idea how to cook it, so my husband cooked stir-fried seafood mushroom with spinach and bacon. It was pretty good. The seafood mushroom tasted like shimeji mushroom. :)

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