Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Make Sparkling Margarita

      A while ago, my husband bought a set of four bottles of Skinnygirl Margarita Original Skinny Mini because it was on clearance item at our local supermarket. It's margarita made of tequila and some flavor. However, he didn't really like it and has left three bottles in our panty since then. As we have been tidying our home, I thought that we should get rid of those or drink them up.

     Yesterday, we got Welch's Essence, sparkling orange pineapple juice, and decided to blend the margarita with it.

      It turned out be really great! I don't usually drink alcohol but really enjoyed having a glass of sparkling margarita. :) I'm going to share with you how we made it.
How to Make Sparkling Margarita

Ingredients (1 Serving)

1 fl oz of margarita
3 fl oz of sparkling juice

1. Blend all ingredients.

2. Enjoy!

Sparkling Margarita

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