Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!

       About two weeks ago, I ordered this book, Rich Dad Poor Dad written by Robert T. Kiyosaki, from Amazon. Finally, I received it yesterday. :)

      The reason why I wanted to read this book was that I was interested in financial management from an American financial expert's perspective. It's because I often think that the way of think about money is very different between Japanese and American. I believe that living in Japan is much easier and secure because people are protected by Japanese governments. Medical fee is very affordable in Japan because governments pay 70% of medical fee in most of cases. I never felt that I wouldn't afford medical expense when I lived in Japan. Although governments are run by taxes which people must pay. That's why I felt that all people in Japan are equal. In fact, it is very safe to live everywhere in Japan.

      On the other hand, people in the U.S. always need to take responsibility for anything. Medical fee is super expensive, so we'd better to buy expensive insurances. There are more poor people and richer people in the U.S. than Japan. Richer people live in safer areas with great schools, but poor people live in pretty high crime areas. Obviously, living in U.S. is very hard for the poor and middle class people.
Rich Dad Poor Dad
       Last night, I started reading this book and have already learned a lot about money from it. Actually, I loved this book!

      The book says that the poor dad thought that the rich should pay more in taxes to take care of those less fortunate, but the rich dad says, "Taxes punish those who produce and reward those who don't produce." I used to think that rich people are paying more taxes.

       The poor dad says, "Our home is our largest investment and our greatest asset." The rich dad says, "My house is a liability, and if your house is your largest investment, you're in trouble." I often heard that owning your own house is the greatest investment in the U.S.       
Rich Dad Poor Dad

      At the very end of this book, I found the Donald J. Trump's photo which is for the advertisement of the book, Why We Want You to Be Rich. He looks very young in this photo.

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