Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Car Maintenance & Smog Check

    After I got my car in 2009, I made my car maintenance checklist because I should know when I'd better to get the parts replaced and the fluids exchanged. I don't want to get unnecessary part replacements, but I would like to keep my car in good condition to avoid any unexpected damages and troubles.
    According to my checklist, it's time to get my car's radiator fluid and break fluid exchanged. My husband told me that my car also needed the drive belt replacement. That's why we made appointment for those at Pep Boys yesterday. Soon after we did, I received the Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice from DMV that my car also needs smog check last night. I took my car to Pep Boys this morning and finished getting those done today. It cost $275.49 in total for radiator fluid replacement, break system inspection, break fluid replacement, the drive belt replacement and smog check.

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