Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Clover Reserve Starbucks - Guatemala Finca Monte David

       It was my birthday last month, so I went to local Reserve Starbucks near my home to use my birthday reward on the last day of February. When I have a Starbucks free reward, I always try their reserve coffee. Because it is coffee brewed with a Clover brewing machine, the best coffee brewing method, and you can only have one at Clover Reserve Starbucks. In addition, I always enjoy their Reserve coffee, which made of small-lot coffee beans. It's always wonderful experience for me to have the rarest coffee beans in the world. This time, I tried Guatemala Finca Monte David. 
Guatemala Finca Monte David
Starbucks Guatemala Finca Monte David
 Surrounded by three towering volcanoes, the lake and surrounding hills provide perfect coffee-growing conditions: temperature is moderate, and rains soften the deep, volcanic soil. High among the hillside villages, veteran coffee farmer Don Joel harvests Caturra and Catuai varietals for washed processing and sun-drying. In this remarkable offering, we find an inspiring taste of a place unlike any other.

     It was very fresh and great! :)
Guatemala Finca Monte David

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