Monday, March 28, 2016

Jowh Woodward - Morning Blue

       A few days ago, I uploaded this video, How to Make Coffee Granita and Espresso Granita, on my YouTube channel. I used one of Josh Woodward's songs, Morning Blue, as background music this time. Today, I looked up vocabularies which I didn't know before from the lyrics.

Music - "Morning Blue" by Josh Woodward. Free download:


I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed
The hazy sunrise wraps a veil around my head
I can't get motivated, the swimming thoughts are drowning in my head
And if by some coincidence I do just what they said 

And the morning blue is warning you
This avalanche is storming through
In the dawn of the morning blue
Just take me away


The fire of failed reason, the rain of every season
The patriotic treason, the ringing of the bells
The avalanche of sorrow, the soul afraid to borrow
There is no day tomorrow, it's all about today


Just set me free and I will be 
Afraid enough to find it 
Take my hand or take a stand 
And I would never mind it 
Sit and stare or say a prayer 
For all you left behind 
Call on me, just never be 
The last one in the line

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed
I should have stayed in bed and slept all day instead
There ain't no profit in this day that lies ahead
These blurry images still echo in my head 


Today's Vocabularies

hazy 【 héizi 】 :  adjective :  ぼんやりした、もやのかかった

treason 【 tríːzn 】 : noun : 反逆、裏切り

motivated 【 móʊṭəveɪṭɪd

coincidence 【 kouínsidəns

blurry 【 blˈɚːri

    This is my entries related to my favorite songs.

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