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What I Got at Supermarket in Japan - Haul

      In addition to some Japanese instant noodle, I bought some products at supermarket in Japan two months ago, such as Japanese condiments. I'm going to share what I got there with you.

The products I bought at supermarket in Japan.

       My husband really likes sweet bean paste, which is azuki or anko in Japanese. He sometimes makes homemade ohagi, which is made of sweet bean paste and sweet rice. That's why he asked me to buy these. These are Yudeazuki by Imuraya, which is a Japanese confectionery company selling sweet bean products. These were 128yen each.
Yudeazuki by Imuraya
      Because I also bought a lot of mochi at Costco in Japan, he has already eaten all four pouch of sweet bean with mochi! I can't believe that all of them were gone too soon. He definitely has a sweet tooth!
Yudeazuki by Imuraya
      I bought this flour for okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese savoury pancake containing cabbage, meat and so on. Using things like this flour for okonomiyaki, you can make perfect one. This was 149yen for 600g.

Okonomiyakiko by Trial 

      We also like yakisoba, which is a Japanese noodle but is originated in China. I bought this sauce, Yakisobaya by Ikari, for 189yen for 500g.

Yakisobaya by Ikari
      I bought dried shrimps for 99yen. I will use this when making okonomiyaki, yakisoba, or some other Japanese foods.

Dried Shrimps

      We often eat miso soup, which is traditional Japanese soup. I bought two packages of instant miso soup. You can easily make miso soup with these. You just need to add hot water. These are Asage by Nagatanien. They also make more of instant miso soup, such as Hiruge and Yuge, but I like Asage the best. Hiruge is made of red miso, and Yuge is made of white miso. Asage is made of mixed miso, mixture of red and white miso. I bought these for 198 yen each package. One package contains 10 servings of instant miso soup.

Asage by Nagatanien
      These are curry roux, Torokeru Curry by S&B. These are used for making Japanese curry. These were 99 yen each. I think everyone love Japanese curry. If you have never eaten Japanese curry, you really should try it. Even if you don't like traditional Japanese food, I think you will like it.

Torokeru Curry by S&B

     I bought some sauce for Japanese grilled meat and vegetable, which is yakiniku in Japanese. I bought Ogon no Aji by Ebara for 279yen. When I was little, I used to eat yakiniku with my whole family together.

Ogon no Aji by Ebara

      When I was little, my grandmother often bought this sauce, Yakiniku Tare by Nippon Ham, with fresh meat at local butcher shop. It was $169 yen.
Yakiniku Tare by Nippon Ham

     I bought Aji Shio Cosho, is combination of salt, black pepper, extract and so on. It is very convenient to season foods, such as hamburger steaks and fried rice.
Aji Shio Cosho by Daisho

      Most of Japanese products are available in the U.S. now, but these are much more expensive here. When I go to Japan, I enjoy purchasing Japanese products which I used to buy when I was living there.

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