Saturday, June 28, 2014

Korean Cold Noodle

     My Korean friend recommend me Korean cold noodle. She told me that it's very easy to cook, and everyone loves it. It sells at Korean supermarket with very affordable price. Tonight, my husband and I cooked Korean cold noodle for our first time, and we loved it! We have eaten many kinds of Japanese cold noodle especially during summer, but this Korean one had very unique texture of noodle, which was a little chewy. It was very interesting for us. As my friend's recommendation, we added sliced cucumber and boiled egg. They were perfect with this noodle.

     If truth be told, my friend recommended me specific cold noodle maker, which was Pulmuone. She told me they make the best Korean noodle and very popular. That's why I wrote down the manufacturer's name as she said at that time. However, when I went to Korean supermarket, I forgot to bring my memo. Nonetheless, my husband and I bought it anyway. It was not made by Pulmuone but turned out very good! I'll try Pulmuone's one next time. :)

     There were two servings of noodle, soup, and mustard in it. It was $2.99 at Korean supermarket.

     It was a great experience for us. :)

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