Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ZOO, The Best Japanese Hamburger Steak Restaurant in Saga, Japan

      Two months ago, I stayed at my parents' home for a month in Japan. On the day before I left from Japan, my brother took my parents and me to this Japanese hamburger steak restaurant, ZOO, in Saga, Japan. He told me that this restaurant makes the best hamburger steaks. Japanese hamburger steak is called hamburg in Japanese. Hamburg is a popular Salisbury steak dish in Japan.
ZOO, Hamburger Steak Restaurant
       They serve many kinds of hamburg, fried fish, Japanese curry and so on at pretty reasonable prices.

ZOO, Hamburger Steak Restaurant
      My mother and I chose Italian Cheese Hamburg Combos with Tomato Sauce because of my brother's recommendation. My father chose Fried Fish and Wafu Hamburg Combo. Wafu means Japanese style in Japanese, so Wafu Hamburg has soy sauce taste with grated Japanese radish.

ZOO, Hamburger Steak Restaurant

     Their hamburg was nice and hot, and it seemed like it's still cooking on the iron pan. As my brother told me, the combination of tomato, cheese and hamburg was very delicious. Because an extra rice was free, my mother and I chose large size of rice. Yes, I consider myself as a big eater. :) Nonetheless, I was surprised at how large the volume of rice was when it was served. My mother and I thought that their rice was incredibly super delicious, so we were able to eat all of them. :)
Italian Cheese Hamburg Combo with Tomato Sauce 850yen

      After eating there, I looked at the decor of the restaurant. At the entrance, many animation figures were decorated.

Animation figures at ZOO, Hamburger Steak Restaurant

Doraemon Figures at ZOO, Hamburger Steak Restaurant

     As my brother told me, this restaurant was very popular there. It was pretty crowded with so many young people, who seemed like students of the University of Saga, which is located near this restaurant. The restaurant was not close to where I stayed in Japan. It took about an hour from my parents home, but I'd like to go to this restaurant again when I go to Japan next time.

      When I visit my families in Japan, they always treat me very specially. It's because we can only meet each other once in a long while. I also try to help my families as much as I can when I am in Japan. :) Two months ago, my brother and I made something special for my mother in Japan. :) I'll write about it someday.

      I uploaded my Youtube video which I recorded that day.

〒840-0027  佐賀県佐賀市本庄町本庄507-8
営業時間. 18:00~24:00

507-8 Honjomachihonjo Saga, Saga Japan 840-0027
Open: 6 p.m.- 12 a.m

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